Fri , Aug 14 2020
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Learning & Education

The Congress of “Jurisprudential & Theology School of Shia” to Be Held in India

The congress of Shia jurisprudential and theological school would be held in 9th March in Lucknew and the Congress of Allameh Mir Hamid Hussain would be held in Iran. Today, February 26th, Hujjat al-Islam wal-muslimin[1]Mohammad Taqi Sobhani in a press conference with the presence of journalists stated, “The thought of ...

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Two Shi‘i Jurisprudential Methodologies to Address Medical and Bioethical Challenges

The legal-ethical dynamism in Islamic law which allows it to respond to the challenges of modernity is said to reside in the institution of ijtihād (independent legal thinking and hermeneutics). However, jurists like Mohsen Kadivar and Ayatollah Faḍlalla have argued that the “traditional ijtihād” paradigm has reached its limits of ...

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Call for Applications: Post-doctoral researchers on the “European Qur’an”

The Université de Nantes is recruiting doctoral candidates and post-doctoral scholars for work on the project “The European Qur’an: Islamic Scripture in European Culture and Religion (1150–1850)” (EuQu). There will be up to four doctoral and twelve post-doctoral positions available. This is an exciting opportunity for early career researchers to ...

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