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Sayyid Mūsā Ṣadr

Ayatollah Sayyed Musa Sadr

Place of birth: Qum – Iran Born Ayatullah Imam Moosa Sadr was born in Qum, Iran in 1928. he was among a rare few of his time to both be a religious scholar and a university graduate. from an early age he had shown a great deal of intelligence and wit, …

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Sayyid Muḥammad Bāqir Ṣadr

Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Sadr

Place of birth: Kazemiyeh – Iraq Place of Demise: Baghdad – Iraq Born and Upbringing Mohammad Baqir Al-Sadr was born in Kazemiyeh, Baghdad, on 1st March 1935. At the age of two, his father, the scholar Haider Al-Sadr, died. Education After completing primary school in Kadhimiya, Al-Sadr and his family moved to …

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Jawād Tabrīzī

Ayatollah Javad Tabrizi

Place of birth: Tabriz – Iran Place of Demise: Qum – Iran Born Ayatollah Jawad Tabrizi was born in 1926 in Tabriz. Education  After finishing secular school and reaching to the ripe age of eighteen, he entered a theological school in his hometown. Within four years of entering the theological school he …

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Muḥammad Fāḍil Lankarānī

Ayatollah Muhammad Fazel Lankarani

Place of birth: Qom, Iran Place of Demise: Qom, Iran Born Ayatullah al-Uzma al-Haj ash-shaykh Fadil Lankarani was born in 1931 in the Holy city of Qum. His father, the late Ayatullah Fadil Lankarani was a great teacher and scholar in the Islamic Seminary of Qum. His dear mother, was a …

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Sayyid Abul Qāsim Mūsawī Khuʼī

Ayatollah Sayyed AbulQasem Khoei

Place of birth: Eastern. Azarbayjan – Iran Place of Demise: Najaf – Iran Born Ayatullah Seyyid Abulqasim Musawi Al-Khoei (RA) was born in Azerbaijan, Iran 15 Rajab 1317 H. / 1899 A. D. and passed away in Najaf Al-Ashraf, Iraq on 8 Safar 1412 A.H.(August 8, 1992) Education  Educated in the established …

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Sayyid Muḥammad Taqī Khānsārī

Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Khansari

Place of birth: Khansar – Iran Place of Demise: Hamedan – Iran   Born and Upbringing  Ayatullah Khonsari was from the lineage of the 7th Imam, Imam Musa Kadhim (A, S), and was the son of Allamah Sayyed Asadullah. Ayatullah Khonsari was introduced to the knowledge of Islam from a very young …

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Sayyid Riḍā Bahā’ al-Dīnī

Ayatollah Sayyed Reza BahauDini

Place of birth: Qum – Iran Place of Demise: Qom, Iran Born and Upbringing Ayatullah Bahauddini was born on the day of Eid-e-Ghadeer to a religious family, who named him Sayyed Radha. His lineage goes back to Imam Sajjad (A,S). Sayyed Radha’s father was called Sayyed Safiyudin, and had the distinction …

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ʻAllama Sayyed Mortaẓa ʻAskarī

Allamah Askari

Place of birth: Samarra – Iraq Place of Demise: Tehran – Iran Allamah Sayyid Murtadha Askari – (1901-2007) Born Allamah Askari was born in Samarrah on 18 Jumada al- Thaani in 1332 (1901). Education He began his primary school in Samarrah, Iraq, and then he joined the seminary of that city. The …

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