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Jawād Tabrīzī

Place of birth: Tabriz – Iran
Place of Demise: Qum – Iran
Ayatollah Jawad Tabrizi was born in 1926 in Tabriz.
After finishing secular school and reaching to the ripe age of eighteen, he entered a theological school in his hometown. Within four years of entering the theological school he completed the preliminary and intermediate levels of his seminary studies.
Emigration to Qum
In the year 1948, he migrated to Qom and finished other lessons at the intermediate level. In Qom he reached to the Kharij level; thereupon he attended the lectures of the late Ayatollah Hujjat, and Ayatollah Boroujerdi. Aside from studying he also taught the intermediate to advanced courses of Islamic studies in Qom.
Emigration to Najaf
Ayatullah Tabrizi then migrated to Najaf and was fortunate enough to benefit from eminent scholars such as the late Ayatollah Sayyid Abul Hadi Shirazi and the late Ayatollah al-Khou’i until he got the degree of Ijtihad. Tabrizi was invited by al-Khou’i to join the Assembly of Consultants, which is an organized group of scholars that responds to the people’s questions.
Mirza Jawad stayed in Najaf for about twenty-three years, leaving only in the holidays to do propagation in different countries.
Return to Qum 
He later returned to Iran and began teaching Fiqh
(jurisprudence) and Usool (principles) in the Islamic seminary of Qom, where he currently is till this very day.
He passed away in 2007 & is buried in the Qom shrine in Iran

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