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Call for Papers: the Seventh Annual Conference on Shi’i Studies

The Islamic College invites abstracts to be submitted for its seventh conference on Shi’i studies.

This conference provides a broad platform for scholars in Shi’i studies to share their latest research. Papers are welcome on any aspect of Shi’i studies. This year’s conference will be a hybrid programme. Researchers inside the United Kingdom will be invited to present their papers in-person at The Islamic College, whereas researchers outside the United Kingdom may present their papers via Zoom. To see a short video and to find out more about the previous conferences, visit: https://islamic-college.ac.uk/publications/Shiistudies

Suggested topics include:

  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Mysticism
  • Contemporary issues
  • law and jurisprudence
  • Shi’i studies in the hawzah
  • Shi’i studies in the university
  • Qur’an and hadith studies
  • Anthropological studies
  • History
  • Shi’i minorities
  • Shi’ism and orientalism
  • Authority in Shi’ism
  • Inter-religious, cross-disciplinary, or comparative studies
  • Shi’i sects, past and present
  • Shi’i manuscripts
  • Shi’ism in art

Important Data

Conference Date: 14 May 2022

Abstract submission deadline: 28 February 2022

Submit abstracts online at: https://www.islamic-college.ac.uk/submission-form-call-for-papers/

 E-mail enquiries to: Shiistudies@islamic•college.ac.uk

Presented papers will be printed by ICAS Press as part of bound conference proceedings.


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  1. is there any wordcount for the abstracts? also, the link for submitting the abstracts is not working.

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