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Ayatollah Mohaqiq Kabuli Passes Away

Ayatollah Qorban Ali Mohaqiq Kabuli, an Afghani Shia Marjaʻ passed away on June 11, 2019 at the age of 91.

Ayatollah Mohaqiq Kabuli was born in the village of Turkman in Afghan province of Parwan north west of Kabul. He is a Twelver Shia Marja in Afghanistan. He is an ethnic Hazara.

Early life

He started basic religious schooling, at the age of seven, by learning Quran and religion related books in Persian language. He got involved deep in Islamic beliefs, literature, logic, jurisprudence and sciences after he joined local religious schools. Later, he went to Kabul where educational resources were limited and political situation was not appropriate either. Then, for further studies, he left Afghanistan for Iran. In the Solar year 1332, he went to Najaf Iraq to study.

Life in Najaf

His higher education started in 1332 (solar) in Najaf, his teachers were Ayatollah Abdul Ali Sabzevari, Sheikh Kazim Tabrezi, Sayyid Abdul Hussein Rashti, Mohammad Taqi Al-Razi, Late Shiekh Sadra, and Late Sheik Mujtaba Talmaz. He also attended lectures of Imam Khomeini. In 1334 (Solar) his teachers were Ayatollah Khoi and Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Baqir Zanjani.

Return to Afghanistan

After completing his education he returned to Afghanistan in 1973, he was welcomed by thousands of people on his arrival.

In Afghanistan, he established many educational and religious institutions to promote Islamic education and cultural awareness.

His Teachers
Sayyid Abdul Aʻla Sabzevari
Sheikh Kazim Tabrizi
Sheikh Kazim Tabrizi
Sayyid Abdul Hussain Rashti
Sheikh Abbas Qochani
Ayatollah Khoei
Ayatollah Hakeem
Imam Khomeini
Sheikh Muhammad Baqir Zanjani
Ayatollah Sayyid Hussain Hamami
Sheikh Hussain Hilli
His Works
Islamic Laws
Manasik al-Hajj
Vazifat al-Qozzat (Duty of Judges)
Majmaʻ al-Ahkam
Mabahith al-Fiqhiyya

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