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Ayatollah Makarem Slams Anti-Shia Actions in Pakistan

A statement was released by the Office of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi concerning the tragic incident which have recently occurred in Pakistan.

The statement is as follow:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

These days, a lot of disturbing news comes from Pakistan. The Shia Muslims are being harassed everywhere in the country and the situation has deteriorated to the point where even the police forces sometimes attack their ceremonies and hurt them. There is also word that the Pakistani government and government based organizations have started seizing the lands of the Shias by force.

Such new kinds of anti-Shia actions in Pakistan have forced a large number of the Shias to go on hunger strike to show their objection to these actions and, based on the news that comes out of the country, some of these people are in critical conditions.

Such things which take place in Pakistan today are truly astonishing, particularly because some of them are being done by government agents. We are trying to maintain our good relations with the Pakistani government as well as our Pakistani brothers but such unspeakable oppression leveled at the Shia Muslims in that country by the Takfiris and Wahhabis is totally intolerable to all Shias of the world, and in particular the Shias in Iran.

We hope that the Pakistani officials and authorities quickly take the necessary measures in order to prevent such illogical things from happening, because such things will endanger the unity of the Muslims. We also call upon the international community to react to this heinous crime in a proper way and to take necessary actions to stop it from happening again.

May peace be upon those who follow the path of guidance
Naser Makarem Shirazi


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