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Ḥassan Ḥassan-Zādah Āmolī

Place of birth: Amol – Iran
Ayatollah Hasan-Zade Aamuli was born in Eera (a district in Larijaan, Aamul, Iran) in 1929. His formal name is Hasan son of Abdullah Al-Tabari Aamuli, however he is known by the title “Hasan-zade”.
Religious Education
In the Masjid Jaami` of Aamul he learned the primary level of seminary studied. During that time, he made use of eminent scholars such as Ayatollah Mirza Abul Qaasim Farsiv, Ayatollah Garawi, Agha Shaykh Ahmad I`timaadi, Shaykh Abul Qaasim Rajaa’i Latikouhi, Shaykh `Azizullah Tabrasi, and the late Abdullah Ishraaqi.
Emigration to Tehran 
In 1950, at the age of twenty-two, Shaykh Hasan-zade Aamuli traveled to Tehran to learn under Ayatollah Mirza Abul Hasan Sha`rani, Hajj Mirza Mahdi Ilaahi Qomshe’i, Hajj Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Aamuli, Mirza Abul Hasan Rafi`i Qazwini, Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Faazil Touni, Agha Mirza Ahmad Aashtiyani, and Sayyid Ahmad Lawaasaani.
Emigration to Qum
In 1963, he migrated to Qom, to study under `Allama Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i, Sayyid Muhammad Hasan Tabataba’i (the brother of Muhammad Tabataba’i), and Agha Sayyid Mahdi Qaazi Tabataba’i.
Since that time he is busy conducting research and studying in the Islamic Seminary of Qom.
He is renowned for his excellence in Astrology, Mathematics, and many Islamic fields such as Mysticism and Philosophy.
Hasan-zade Aamuli’s first scholarly work was the editing, placing Arabic vowels within the text, and annotating the book titled “Nisaab al-Sibyaan”. His published works can be classified into five main parts:
1. His own compilations
2. Exegsis
3. Annotation & Commentaries
4. Editing the works of others, and
5. Treatises

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