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Ayatollah Haeri Issues Fatwa Forbidding US Troops in Iraq

Ayatollah Kazem Husseini Haeri, a prominent Twelver Shi’a Marja in Iraq, has called for resisting the presence of US forces in Iraq in wake of Israel’s indirect acknowledgment that it had carried out airstrikes against Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) arms depots in the country.

Shiite authority, Ayatollah Kazem al-Haeri said: “I declare that the deployment of any American military force is prohibited.”

“You have no choice but to resist and confront the enemy,” he said in a statement.

Ayatollah Haeri, a powerful Iraqi cleric, blamed both Israel and the U.S. for the attack and proscribed American troops’ presence in Iraq.

“I declare it is forbidden for any American military force or its ilk to remain in Iraq under any pretext: whether for military training and advising, or for counter-terrorism,” Ayatollah Haeri said in a statement issued from the Iranian city of Qom.

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  1. I could understand only the English text of the news item and not the Arabic text of the decree. As a result I am somewhat confused.

    The language about the directive used in the news item forbids the US troops being present in Iraq. Now, the US troops – overwhelming majority of them being non-Muslim – are not subject to decree of the respected marjé.

    Then there’s a quote from the Ayatullah stating, “You have no choice but to resist and confront the enemy.” It is unclear to whom it is addressed, though presumably to his muqallids. Is this a call for jehad against the occupation forces? If so, what would be the mode? Joining an organized force like the Hashd al-Sha’abi, or waving unorganized guerrilla warfare – apparently without training or preparation?

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