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Al-Saud Pays Millions Dollars to Nigeria to Oust Sheikh Zakzaky

The lawyer for the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has revealed that Al Saud has given millions of dollars to Abuja officials in Nigeria to assassinate Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Ishaq Adam Ishaq said that the Saudi regime had paid millions of dollars to suppress the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

He added that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been commissioned by the United States, the Israeli regime and the Saudi regime to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky.

He further stressed that Sheikh Zakzaky’s health condition is very serious and no one has any new information about him; Because he has been in compulsory residence since 2015.

On December 14, 2015, the Nigerian army and police raided the Husseiniya Baqiyatallah in Zaria and Sheikh Zakzaky’s home in Kaduna State in northern Nigeria, and arrested him along with his wife and one of his sons; The attack, which was similar to a military operation, also killed hundreds of Nigerian Shia Muslims.

The Nigerian government has so far denied Zakzaky’s release under various pretexts, even barring him access to medical care.

In recent months, as Zakzaky’s physical condition deteriorated, human rights groups have repeatedly called for the release of Nigeria’s Shia leader.


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