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Al-Azhar’s Imam Urges Islamic World Unity against Enemies’ Conspiracies

Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayyeb asserted the necessity of the Islamic world’s unity, “to remove all the obstacles and thorns that are sown from east and west,” in his speech during the opening session of the high-level consultative meeting of global Sunni Islamic scholars to discuss moderate Islamic thought.

Al-Tayyeb appealed to the Islamic world to wake up to the “plans and conspiracies” and to rely on the minds and arms of its people and to exploit God’s natural resources to “break the path of the abusers and those who reject the will of the peoples and their destinies.”

He further stressed on the importance of the centrality of Islam, saying, “it is a manifestation of the mercy of God on his creation.”

Indonesian President Joko Widodo and several leading religious figures in the world attended the meeting that was held at the presidential palace in the Indonesian city of Bogor.

Al-Tayyeb attended a bilateral meeting with the Indonesian president, in which both confirmed the distinguished relations between Indonesia and Egypt, and with Al-Azhar in particular, and that he looks forward to hearing the grand imam’s speech at the opening of the conference.

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