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Al-Azhar Slams American Veto in Israel Aggression on Gaza

Al-Azhar University condemned the US administration’s abuse of the veto power for the third time in a row, in objection to stopping the brutal aggression on Gaza, coinciding with the approval of a new package of US aid to Israeli, in a scene that proves the involvement of the US administration as a clear and explicit partner in supporting the aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Al-Azhar affirmed that the use of the “veto” in the Israeli aggression on Gaza is a practical exercise of arrogance of power, tyranny of bloodlust, and obstruction of efforts to save innocent Palestinians.

It called for a review of the mechanism for approving the veto and for setting modern human standards and controls to regulate its use in the establishment of peace between peoples.

It also called on the whole world to intervene to stop the bloodshed in Palestine, put an end to this barbaric aggression, and stop the daily massacres and crimes.

Al-Azhar also affirmed that the failure of the Security Council to issue a resolution to stop the aggression on Gaza in more than 4 months, and the killing of nearly 30,000 civilians, the majority of whom are children and women, is a disgrace to the international community.

It expressed the world’s helplessness and weakness in the face of the arrogance of one state that does not respect the decisions of the other states participating in the decision.

“This is a civilizational tragedy by all standards, which threatens that the civilization of the twenty-first century returns to the ages of slavery and barbarism,” it said.

Al-Azhar called on for the establishment of specific standards and their application in a fair manner that preserves innocent lives.

“Their only mistake is that they were born in the Middle East region, specifically in wounded Palestine.”


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