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‘Al-Azhar and the Contemporary Challenges’ Conference to Be Held in Egypt

“Al-Azhar and the Contemporary Challenges” is the title of the conference, which will be the 4th edition of the annual event, according to al-Wafd News.

Egypt’s Al-Azhar University plans to organize an international conference on present-day challenges.

Slated for early November, it will be hosted by the university’s Islamic and Arabic Studies Faculties for Girls, Alexandria branch.

Referring to the upcoming conference, Iman Shima, dean of the faculty, said the Muslim world is facing major challenges in today’s world and Al-Azhar has been among active centers countering these challenges.

She said the university has always been a major hub for reform, protecting the rich Islamic culture and promoting religious values such as equality and peace.

Al-Azhar is the main center of Islamic and Arabic learning in the Sunni Islamic world, centered on the mosque of that name in the medieval quarter of Cairo, Egypt.

It was founded in 972 by the Fatimid Caliphate as a center of Islamic learning.

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