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August, 2017

  • 17 August

    Book: Islamism and Islam by Bassam Tibi

    In this important and illuminating book, Bassam Tibi, a senior scholar of Islamic politics, explores the true nature of contemporary Islamism and the essential ways in which it...

  • 17 August

    Job Opening: Assistant Professor on Contemporary Islam

    The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen, seeks to appoint an Assistant Professor (UD) in the field of Contemporary Islam (0.8 fte). The position will involve 50% teaching, 40% research, and...

  • 16 August

    Organ Transplants according to Islam

    organ donation and transplantation

    The issue of organ transplantation in Islam is divided into the cases where the donor is alive and when he is dead. There are a couple potential problems regarding organ transplant from a live donor. One of the potential problems is that in Islam it is prohibited to harm oneself to the point of...

  • 12 August

    The Purpose of Marriage according to Islam

    A study by Eli Finkel suggests that if a marriage today is to be successful, it should permit both partners to realise their inner potential, rather than merely being an institution for living together and...

  • 10 August

    New Techniques in Human Reproduction in Islam Point of View

    The birth of the first 'test-tube-baby' in 1978 made headlines all over the world. All the world, with the exception of the Vatican, welcomed this new development in human science. After all, man is the prime creation of God. Allah has created the universe for man but created the...

  • 6 August

    Islamic Ummah’s Identity under Threat: Ayatollah Araki

    Ayatollah Mohsen Araki

    “​The identity of the Islamic Ummah, in the here and now, is under threat,” pointed out Ayatollah Araki demanding Muslims to be much more vigilant at all times of the plots and schemes hatched by...

  • 6 August

    “Muslim World Today and Future” Forum Held in Malaysia

    A number of experts from, Malaysia, Singapore and Iran attended the forum entitled "Muslim World Today and Future: Regional Powers, State-Sponsored Terrorism and...

  • 1 August

    The 13th Annual National Muslim Congress Conference

    The 13th Annual National Muslim Congress Conference will be held in Dallas, TX on Aug 18-20th 2017. In attendance will be a number of renowned scholars who will address various topics at...

July, 2017

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