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November, 2019

  • 28 November

    Al-Azhar’s Fatwa Eliminated Wahhabi Ground

    Al-Azhar explained the fiqh rule of supplicating with loud voice over graves in a fatwa recently issued by the committee of fatwa of al-Azhar assembly for Islamic researches and...

February, 2018

November, 2017

July, 2016

  • 13 July

    Ziyarah (visitation) according to Sunnis and Shiah


    Ziyarah {Visitation} and the Laws Pertaining to the Graves and Mosques According to the Shi`ah and Wahhabis Wahhabis think that ziyarah, like shafa’ah, is a polytheistic act of seeking intermediation, and renders a person outside the pale of religion. This is while ziyarah, according to the Ahl as-Sunnah, has been ...