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October, 2019

September, 2019

  • 5 September

    The History and Philosophy of Aza’ of Imam Hussain (a)

    It is our duty to deliver Imam Husayn's message to the indigenous population of the country we live in. We can succeed in this only if we ourselves appear to be true followers of Imam in all our interaction with...

November, 2018

August, 2018

  • 13 August

    Azadari in the Sight of Maraje Uzzam and Ulema+PDF

    All Maraj' (Shia Scholars) support Azadari and consider it to be a corner stone of Shia Islam .Some anti-Islam ,internal and external forces present the Fatawa (verdicts) and opinions of Maraji' Izam (Shia Scholars) with distortion and...

October, 2017

  • 9 October

    Was the Movement of Karbala a Political Struggle?

    What is meant by this is whether the sacrifices of Imam al-Hussain (a) was a power struggle between two rival households, each seeking legitimacy and authority over the other. It is advanced by some, including Muslims, that Imam al-Hussain (a) sought leadership, and this was the...

  • 4 October

    The Rise of ISIS Represents Contemporary Yazeediyat Movement: Ayt. Milani

    With the advent of the blessed month of Muharram and the new year for Muslims Ayatollah Sayed Fadel Milani highlighted the importance of Azadari in the West and in particular the virtue and principles of Imam Hussain (as), martyred Grandson of the Holy...

October, 2016

November, 2015