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Senior Shia scholar: Foreign interventions distanced Muslim states

Iranian senior scholar demanded Islamic states to prevent intervention of foreign countries in their policies warning that one of the factors for distancing of Muslims from each other is the meddling of foreign countries.

According toAhlul Bayt News Agency Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, in an interview with Pakistani ARY television network highlighted necessity of economic and political security noting that a mutual cooperation of the people and government in the country will lead to prevalence of complete security in Pakistan.

He explained his views on the current situation in the Middle East and also role of the world forum for restoring peace in the region noting,” World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought is trying to prevent creation of religious disagreements and this can realize through increasing the ties between different denominations, holding meetings between religious leaders and also dialogues among scholars.”

He added,” If there is any difference, world forum makes its best to prevent outbreak of wars or bloodshed.” referring to launching the committee of good office as one of the most important measures by the world forum.

According to the cleric the committee of good offices, with more than 40 members among prominent scholars and elites from the world of Islam, has held several meetings in Tehran, Beirut and Istanbul and also has proposed plans for resolution of some clashes in Iraq and Syria.

On the mutual ties between Islamabad and Tehran, Ayatollah Araki called the ties as a religious mission hailing the tight historical relations, common culture and religion and also the close ties especially on the borderlines.

As the third important field in the mutual ties between Iran and Pakistan, he referred to the capacities for more active economic ties and sufficient and economic energy resources for Pakistan supplied by Islamic Republic of Iran.

Professor at Qom Seminary also related on the way for closer ties between Islamic countries noting,” The first possible step for Islamic countries is to prevent the intervention of the arrogant powers and foreign states in their domestic affairs because an important factor for the widening gap between the countries is the intervention of the foreign countries.”

“Another step to be taken in this line is the political figures of the Islamic states to meet and propose plans for boosting ties between their countries.” he said.

Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought also proposed formation of a union of the Islamic countries so that Muslim states can become a member of that maintaining their political and economic independence.

He said once Muslim countries unite, they can solve the issues of Palestine and Kashmir as well as preventing clashes similar to what is happening in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Top scholar called religious and political leaders of all Muslim countries to join the move and take steps for formation of a union of Islamic states.

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