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Muslim Scholars condemn the Mina Stampede

Almost all Maraji and Muslim Scholars condemned the disaster of Mina and expressed condolences over the deaths of hundreds of pilgrims in Thursday’s stampede in Mina, near Mecca.

The grand source of emulation (Maraje) also wished speedy recovery for those injured in the incident. They  further called for necessary measures to be taken in order to prevent such tragedies.

Ayatollahs:  Sayyed Ali Sistani, Naser Makarem Shirazi, Safi Golpaygani, Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Javadi Amoli, Noori Hamedani, Sayyed Moosa Shobeyri Zanjani, Muhammad Taqi Sobhani, Bashir Najafi, Sayyed Saeed Hakim, Sayyed Muhammad Taqi Modarresi and many others gave their separate declarations for the disaster.

The tragedy happened when a large crowd of pilgrims were on their way to participate in one of the last Hajj rituals.

The disaster has raised questions over the Saudi regime’s ability to manage the large influx of pilgrims into the kingdom during the Hajj pilgrimage season every year.

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