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Turkey international conference in Islamic economics

International Congress on Islamic Economics and Finance 21 – 23 Oct.2015 Turkey

International Congress on Islamic Economics and Finance (ICISEF) 21 – 23 October 2015 Sakarya – Turkey

International Congress on Islamic Economics and Finance (ICISEF) will be held during 21-23October, 2015.The objective of ICISEF-2015 is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians as well as industrial and business professionals from all over the world to present their research papers in the area of Islamic Economics and Finance. It is expected that ICISEF-2015 would serve as a discussion forum and platform and that strengthen the link between academia and industry.

The Institute of Social Sciences and the Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance at Sakarya University cordially invite abstracts and full length research papers from researchers to address any area of Islamic economics and finance including but not limited to:

  • Islamic Economics
    • Real sector
    • Business Ethics
    • Consumer Ethics
    • Zakat
    • Income distribution, poverty
    • Labor disputes
    • Waging practices
    • Behavioral economics
    • Government
    • Pricing
    • Developmental issues
  • Islamic Banking
    • Financing modes
    • Risk management
    • Islamic Banking practice
    • Liquidity Management
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Accounting in Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Capital Markets
    • Sukuk
    • Islamic indices and mutual funds
    • Asset management
    • Islamic financial literacy
    • Takaful
    • Islamic ratings
  • Islamic Business
    • Marketing ethics
    • Leadership
    • Corporate governance and social responsibility
    • Taxation
    • Hiring practices
    • Halal industry
  • Fiqh
    • Fatwa procedures
    • Shariah boards
    • Differences in Fiqh Jurisdictions
    • Halal food
    • Dispute settlements
Papers in Turkish, English and Arabic are welcome and simultaneous translation will be provided.
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