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International Conference on Islamic Education and Social Entrepreneurship October2015 Malaysia

International Conference on Islamic Education and Social Entrepreneurship 2015 “practicality of Islamic Alternatives: Issues and Challenges” 12-14 October 2015 Resorts World Langkawi, Tanjung Malai,Langkawi, Malaysia.


ICIESE 2015 taps on education, Islamic social entrepreneurship, and their importance. It focuses at:
i. Presenting, discussing, and sharing research findings and practical summaries related to educational and Islamic social entrepreneurship issues.
ii. Analyzing education systems and Islamic entrepreneurial programs critically and suggesting best alternatives for societal development.
iii. Exchanging ideas and opinions to strengthen the quality of education systems and programs promoting Islamic social entrepreneurship.
iv. Enhancing network and initiating collaboration between academics, scholars, experts, researchers, educators, as well as entrepreneurs.

The main theme of the conference is:

“Practicality of Islamic Alternatives: Issues and Challenges

The sub-themes of the conference are:

Islamic Education

  1. Curriculum and Pedagogy
  2. Innovation in Teaching & Learning
  3. Issues related to Islamic Education system
  4. Teaching & Learning Approach and strategies
  5. Learning Environment
  6. Life-Long Learning
  7. Education for Adults
  8. Trainings and education for educators
  9. Comparison between education systems
  10. Islamic Education
  11. The teaching of values and moral
  12. The teaching of the Quran
  13. Educational Institutions
  14. Educational philosophies and thinking
  15. E-learning
  16. Management of educational institutions and the systems
  17. Linguistic education
  18. The teaching and learning of language
  19. Language for specific purpose
  20. Language and Entrepreneurship
  21. Language and communication
  22. Sociolinguistics & psycholinguistics
  23. Second language and foreign language
  24. Linguistics

*Any paper papers with contents relevant to issues on education based on Islamic alternatives and linguistics is accepted.

Islamic Social Entrepreneurship (ISE)

  1. The concept of Islamic Entrepreneurship
  2. The philosophies and concepts of Islamic Social Entrepreneurship
  3. The basic principles of ISE
  4. Core values of Islamic Social Entrepreneurship
  5. Metaphysics/Tauheed and Social Entrepreneurship
  6. Opportunities and Innovation in the context of Social Entrepreneurship
  7. Management of creativity and innovation in Islam
  8. Risk Management and the concept of Tawakkal
  9. Ijtihad, Creativity, and Societal solutions
  10. Values and Social Impacts on the Islamic community
  11. Economic growth vs social welfare
  12. Leadership in ISE
  13. Social business and spiritual growth
  14. Shariah-compliant social creative products
  15. Ethics in Islamic Social Entrepreneurship
  16. Contemporary issues and Challenges for ISE
  17. Social Entrepreneurship in Islamic Civilisation
  18. Roles of religion- Spiritual aspects in the world of Social Entrepreneurship
  19. Zakat(Islamic Tax) Institutions and ISE
  20. Waqaf(Islamic Endowment system) Institutions and ISE
  21. Fiqh Principles and Methodology (Usul dan Kaedah Fiqh) from the perspective of ISE
  22. Multi/Interdisciplinary studies in ISE
  23. Resource Management and Social Innovation
  24. Community service and Volunteerism
  25. Human Rights and Social Institutions from the perspective of ISE

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