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“Family Life: Issues And Solutions In The Perspective Of Islam”

International Conference on Family Life: “Issues And Solutions In The Perspective Of Islam” 23rd to 23rd February 2016
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The School of Islamic Studies, B.S. Abdur Rahman University announces an International Conference on “Family Life: Issues and Solutions in the Perspective of Islam” (ICFL 2016), which will be held in Convention Centre, B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Vandalur, Chennai, India on 23.02.2016.

Sub Themes as follows:

  1. Concept of Family institution

  2. Rights and responsibilities of family members

  3. Marriage ceremony

  4. Polygamy

  5. Family health

  6. Family violence

  7. Dowry issue

  8. Bringing up children

  9. Family planning

  10. Breast feeding

  11. Child adoption

  12. Family quarrel

  13. Single Parent issue

  14. Child abuse

  15. Divorce

  16. Iddah – Waiting Period

  17. Women remarriage

  18. Inheritance

  19. Child education

  20. Premarital counseling

  21. Family counseling

  22. Family friendship

  23. Teenage issue

  24. Child psychology

  25. Working women

  26. Broken family

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