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Mortaḍā Moqtadāʼī

Ayatollah Muqtadaa’i was born in the city of Isfahan in 1935. His father, the late Ayatollah Mahmoud Muqtadaa’i (known as Shaykhul Shari`ah = the Shaykh of Islamic Law), was an eminent scholar of that region.
Religious Education
After finishing primary school, Shaykh Muqtadaa’i entered the Islamic Seminary of Isfahan, where he studied the introductory and intermediate (Sutooh) levels. He later learned the texts of advanced level studies under the late Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Najaf Aabadi, and the late martyr Shams Aabadi. Muqtadaa’i also benefited from the lectures of Ayatollah Uzma Khademi, Khurasaani, and Arbab.
Emigration to Qum
In 1959, Muqtadaa’i migrated to Qom and entered the Islamic Seminary of that city. He attended lectures of the late Ayatollah Boroujerdi, Imam Khumayni, and Allama Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i (lectures on philosophy). Before the success of Islamic Revolution in Iran, Muqtadaa’i also benefited from the lectures of Ayatollah Uzma Muhaqqiq Damad, Gulpaygani, and Arakin.
While a student himself, Shaykh Muqtadaa’i taught the preliminary texts of Makaasib (the laws of economics), Usool (principles of jurisprudence), and Mandhumatul Sabzawari (philosophy).
At present, Shaykh Muqtadaa’i teaches the Kharij stage of Fiqh (jurisprudence) and Usool (principles) in the Islamic Seminary of Tehran (Marwi school). His discussions on Fiqh (at the Kharij level) covers Judicial and criminal law.
Responsibilities  and Education
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Shaykh Muqtadaa’i held many important positions, e.g. he was a top judge. He was a member of The Council of Experts in the second and third sessions – after the council has been established.
Shaykh Muqtadaa’i ‘s activities for the promotion of education were seen when he established the Imam Sadiq (AS) Seminary in Khuraaskan – Isfahan, Fatema Zahra (AS) Theological School (also in Isfahan), and a special school for teaching judicial and criminal law in the Islamic Seminary of Qom.

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