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Ḥosayn Waḥīd Khorāsānī


Ayatollah  Hussain vahid Khorasani was born in 1921 in Neyshabour, Mashhad.

Religious Education
Having finished the literature lessons, he learned the Sotouh stage from the late Ayatullah Haj Shaykh Muhammad Nahawandi, and then he attended the lectures of the Kharij stage of the late Ayatullah Mirza Mehdi Isfahani and Ayatullah Ashtiyani. He also learned rational sciences, philosophy, and theology from the late Mirza Abul Qasim Ilahi and Agha Mirza Mehdi Ashtiyani.

Emigration to Najaf
He migrated to Najaf Ashraf to complete his studies; that took place when he was 27 years old. There he attended the lectures of the late Ayatullah Uzma Agha Mirza Abdul Hadi Shirazi, and Ayatullah Uzma Hakim, but the main of his knowledge he has took from Ayatullah Uzma Haj Sayyid Abul Qasim Khou’i, and he later became one of his prominent students.

In 1378 A.H. (1958 A.D.), and after teaching the Sotouh stage for many years, Ayatullah Wahid Khurasani began teaching Fiqh and Usoul of the Kharij stage in Najaf which lasted for about twelve years.

Return to Iran
When he returned to Iran, in 1936, he took up residence in Mashhad and worked in teaching. After a year from that he migrated to the holy city of Qom. He is now teaching Fiqh and Usoul of the Kharij stage in the Hawzah. He is one of the Grand Marja of the Shi’ites in the world.

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