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Wahhabism Remains the Main Source of Terror Attack

Here we are again, stuck in the throes of yet another violent, bloody, and senseless terror attack at the heart of London – a painful reminder that our freedom, our rights to safety, and our lives are under threat.

While we absolutely and unequivocally must condemn terrorism – wherever and whenever it hits at communities we must also be brave enough to face to some difficult truths … however uncomfortable they may be.

While our hearts go out to the families of the victims – life is precious and sacred no matter what, we must also remember whose hands are wielding Terror: Wahhabi-inspired radicals whose only agenda is to sow hate in between communities.

However much our officials and media would like to divorce Terror from those policies western capitals have entertained in the Middle East, and more particularly with Saudi Arabia – that theocracy which holds Wahhabism its state religion, too many innocent lives have been claimed for any of us to ignore the proverbial writing on the wall.

“A van hitting pedestrians on London Bridge, followed by three attackers stabbing people there and in the nearby Borough Market area, has been declared a terrorist incident by police. At least seven people died in the attack and 48 have been hospitalised,” read an RT news report on Saturday night.

Terror has been spilled onto the streets of western capitals. This is the reality we all must face now. But as we do, let’s remember that long before London, Paris, Brussels, Nice, or Boston countless countries across the Islamic world have suffered under the blade of radicalism – its communities decimated by intolerance, sectarianism, barbarism and all manners of exclusion.

Let’s remember that this TERROR the western world insist on labelling Islamic, is actually NOT. This Terror is neither Islamic nor does it offers a reflection of Islam. How could it when most of its victims have been Muslims?

This Terror we all hate, abhor, and despise beyond what could ever be express in words stands an enemy of humanity and pluralism.

This Terror we continue to blame on Islam and Muslims remains exponentially powerful for we have mislabelled it. This Terror let’s once and for all affirm is Wahhabism.

How long will we wait before speaking the only truth that could save us if only we had the courage to stand up to our officials and demand that they shun Wahhabism’s patrons?

We have written too many editorials condemning Terror and Terror’s many arms for us to dare ignore those dynamics that allowed Terror to grow in strength and in boldness.

Wahhabism was empowered and armed by western capitals!

Wahhabism was allowed to thrive so that western capitals could feed their capitalist hunger!

Wahhabism is what animates such groups as Daesh (ISIS), al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Ahr al Sham, Boko Haram and all the many groups that draw inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s state religion.

Can we stand here today and argue that US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia did not embolden Terror and sent his militants onto the warpath? Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, the United Kingdom … how many more countries we will add to that list before finally admitting to that truth which has stared us in the face for many decades?

Wahhabism sits the cornerstone of Terror. Wahhabism has become the main source of Terror across the world and yet its patrons are hailed as heroes by western capitals. Wahhabism has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives to its sickening sectarianism and yet western officials hold its patrons in great esteem over the billions that populate their coffers.

It is Wahhabism we must denounce, shun, outlaw and disappear … Islam was never the enemy. Islam actually is the greatest denunciator of Terror since it encourages the good and forbids the bad.

There would be no Terror without Wahhabism and Wahhabism would not exist should western powers had been brave enough to stand up to the wealth of Saudi Arabia and recognise the disease of its theocracy.

This article written by By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna.

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